Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Second week on Android & Sakai

This two weeks I've working in learning Android technologies, it's really important to make a good design of the application because android devices have limited resources.
As sakai3 is using the same tools than sakai2x, we are working to develop a tool for sakai 2.7.0 to get the events than we want to synchronize.
Talking with my mentor David, we have decided to begin with announcements, and we have all the functionality working and then extend the functionality to another tools.
Also I've been translating some sakai tutorials to spanish. There is a lot of documentation but all is in english, so I think that this tutorials could be useful for the spanish community. The tutorials are:

How to install sakai-trunk
How to install several sakai sources (installing sakai 2.7.0)
Getting Eclipse ready

I hope really soon I could show you see some screenshots and code on my android device.

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