Thursday, 17 June 2010

Reference Manager Overview

This seems pretty relevant to Manoj's project, which is exploring what researchers want and what reference managers can do and finding ways to match them up in Sakai 3.  This embed is from Slideshare, but the original is on Martin Fenner's Nature blog.   Reference Manager Overview
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Interestingly, Martin's most recent update was to remove Connotea from the comparison.  I had thought Connotea was a prime OSS candidate for integration, but the fact is it doesn't actually make it very easy to use your references once you've collected them.  Zotero increasingly seems like a much better (and more popular) integration target - the only question (in my mind, as a non-user, so far) is how much it offers in terms of sharing and web presence.  Mendeley (which I do use) is fantastic at ingesting documents and sharing them online, and they have kindly given Manoj access to their API beta programme.

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