Sunday, 27 June 2010

Android IU ready

This week I finally the basic iu and the basic workflow on the android application. I attended this last weeks to an android course and I learn a lot about the technology, and this new knowledge has made me think about rescheduling. The iu is developed for the eclair (2.1), because studying the target devices this version was the best, the framework is more advanced and 50% of the devices use it, but we are studying if it’s interesting for the community develop the application for the 1.6 or 1.5 versions.

Thanks to David, this is is going to be much more than just my project on gsoc, I am going to go beyond and It will be my final career project. So I would like to ask the community about what features should be in the application. (Comments would be appreciated, anyway I would ask also in the sakai-dev list).

I'm a bit stuck about how to keep users alive and connect properly the android with Sakai. This is going to be my next concern, even if this is delaying the next step, It’s important than the application doesn’t eat all the battery sending forms constantly and use properly the lifecycle of the android applications.

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