Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Improve Sakai CLE WebDav Support

Hello,I am Manoj Inukolunu a 4th year student(graduated) from Bits-Pilani Goa, India.

My project is to rewrite the existing sakai CLE webdav code for better maintainability using Milton.

Milton is a great choice because its open source,it has great support(the mailing list and the author of milton are very helpful).The main problem with the existing code is maintainability due to its large size. All the code is written in a single class and its pretty old based on an older tomcat version.
with milton we dont have to worry about maintenance as it handles all the bookkeeping .We only have to implement the interfaces for the functionality.milton is agnostic about the nature of the data.
From my understanding I created 4 classes SakaiFolderResource which implements the FolderResource(com.bradmcevoy.http.FolderResource) SakaiFileResource which implements the FileResource(com.bradmcevoy.http.FileResource) and SakaResourceFactoryImpl which implements the ResourceFactory(com.bradmcevoy.http.ResourceFactory) and a helper class SakaiDavHelper for code re-usability.

Finally the best place for ideas is the confluence page and I can always be reached at for any query's

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  1. Thanks for this introduction Manoj - I really think this project is one of the most interesting as we've never had a GSoC project work on improving existing features before, and WebDAV is a really important feature. Since you're doing a method by method re-implementation and this is a reasonably high-stakes area I hope you will get some volunteers to help with your test plan!